The Business Letter

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*Also in the age of the Internet you may also want to include your e-mail address here.

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Name of person you are writing to
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Dear Mr. or Ms. (Never use first names, itís too informal)

††† Hereís where you say what you have to say. Write in clear, short sentences that get right to the point. Donít try to use big words. As a wise editor once told me, "Say it like youíre telling it to your mother."

†††† Letís say you have a problem with your phone bill Ė you were charged for long distance calls you never made. You want the phone company to credit your account for the amount you were charged.

†††† A customer with your company for ten years, I am very upset I have been charged for long-distance phone calls I didnít make. (A compound sentence that states both your loyalty and gripe.)

(Single space between sentences and double between paragraphs. Make paragraphs short, with three sentences or less.)

†††† And after speaking with a representative from your company over the telephone, I was unable to resolve this matter. (A nice way to say the companyís representative was unhelpful or rude)

†††† I ask that the enclosed bill be reviewed and my account credited for $84.00, the amount I was overcharged. After reviewing prior bills you will see I have never before called any of the phone numbers highlighted in yellow on the attached bill. (Always send proof along with a letter in a case like this. Keep the original for your records)

†††† As this is the first problem I have had with your company, I hope the appropriate changes will be made, and the situation resolved in a timely fashion. I can be reached at the above telephone numbers.

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